Making Money from Domain Names - Part 2

Making Money from Domain Names - Part 2

This is a follow-up article from the last one on Making Money from Domain Names. In the previous article we covered the interesting developments in the global internet market on the actual worth of Domain Names, that the market has grown big enough for people to actually consider looking at Domain Names as actual real tangible assets, much like property or real estate.

If you're wondering about Domain Names, and have thought of a brilliant name that you're just dying to get out there and register it before someone else claims it, then you can read the step by step guide in my article on How to Register your Website/Blog DNS Name and go to my preferred domain name registration service 123-Reg to do this. What we're going to consider now is, once you've got your Domain Name, something you can call an asset, what do you do with it, if you're too busy with your day job and have already got 50 blogs running, ok maybe not 50, but 1 or 2. And, more importantly, each of these blogs is taking up all the bandwidth of time available to you.

Enter Domain Parking

Domain parking is when people register a domain name and they don't intend to use it themselves at the moment for various reasons. I had heard it mentioned before, but never really connected the use or purpose of it until I wrote my article on making money from domain names, and started to promote it on social community network sites. One of the people from this promotion efforts, commented on my article as follows:

Author: diTesco
Very informative post about domaining. I did try to register something
on sarah palin on the dot com arena, but unfornately did not have much
luck. Got one for dot org though and it is parked at namedrive.

Anway, you might want to check out my articles relating to this

Have a nice day

Anyway, I did go and check out his article and it was very informative on the terminology used in this area, and I would encourage my readers to go and check out his article as it provides good information which you will find useful if you want to get into investing in this area. Now, let's find out what the wikipedia has to tell us about Domain Parking:

Domain parking refers to the registration of an internet domain name without that domain being associated with any services such as e-mail or a website. This may have been done with a view to reserving the domain name for future development, and to protect against the possibility of cybersquatting. Since the domain name registrar will have set name servers for the domain, the registrar or reseller potentially has use of the domain rather than the final registrant.

Domain parking can be classified as monetized and non-monetized. In the former, advertisements are shown to visitors and the domain is 'monetized'. In the latter, an "Under Construction" or a "Coming Soon" message may or may not be put up on the domain by the registrar or reseller. This is a single-page website that people see when they type the domain name or follow a link in a web browser. Domain names can be parked before a web site is ready for launching.

This is exactly what we want to know. For after all, we don't want to register a Domain Name just because it's catchy, we want to become savvy investors. So the trick is to get your Domain Name registered (and look at ways to monetise it. Thankfully there are plenty of companies out there you can go to which will make your life easier. Of course if you have the time, you can litter your new Domain Name with a whole load of adsense and a few bits of information, but in truth, people see through these sites pretty quickly and don't bother to re-visit. Plus, you'll be creating a negative impression on potential buyers who might want to use your name, and are willing to pay for it.

Domain Parking works because there are companies out there who provide a well tailored professional-looking web presence on their own servers, and promote advertisements using your unique Domain Name to get to them. When people click on these adverts or links, you get a percentage of the revenue earned. That's what we want to do, get our Domain Names registered, and then park them with a reputable Domain Parking agency.

Lets just look at one such company, it does n't matter who at the moment, because we're not recommending anyone in particular. At this stage we just want to know how to go about Domain Parking.

  1. You will have to register and open a Domain Monetisation Account. No big deal about this. Interestingly, one of the questions they ask is 'What kind of Traffic do your domains get' and give you a choice of 'type-in', 'back-links', or 'arbitage'. Another is 'How many visits per day do your domains get'. These must obviously be for domains people have used, but decided to stop maintaining them regularly and let someone else do it for them. Anyway, to settle it I've sent them an email to their support desk to see what they say about registering a blank unused Domain Name and I'll update this article when I hear from them.
  2. Once you have your account, the next step is to add your Domain Name to the account.
  3. Next you will have to go back to where you registered your Domain Name, and change the name servers on there to point to the Domain Parking agencies servers. This is quite an easy task to do, and if you read my article ( How to Register your Website/Blog DNS Name ), and use the company 123-Reg I recommended, then you'll have all the steps you need to do this in the articles I have written on this and external hosting.
  4. Next you can choose a template or category for your Domain Parking, this will give it the look and feel you think most appropriate for your new Domain Name.
  5. Then select up to 3 keywords that you want to be associated with your Domain Name. This is important, because these words will be used by the Domain Parking company to customise and tailor your website presence on their servers.

That's it. So it's not hard to do.

I hope you liked this article on Domain Parking. I guess I need to find out now which company to use, and what others recommend. So watch this space, for the next article, which will be about who I've chosen and why, and also if we have enough space we'll get ourselves a new Domain Name, register it, and park it and show you all the ropes of how I did it.

This is a journey, I hope you'll join me and keep me company as we go along.

Please leave me your comments so I know it's not a blank abyss I'm talking to!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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